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Women Physicians Unleashed!

Contract Negotiation Coaching & Workshops with Geeta Arora, M.D.

Doximity released their 2020 physician compensation report; there are 2 parts of the gender pay gap that I see first hand and am still shocked by every single time I help women physicians negotiate their contracts. These statements have not changed for years. They are:


1. This year’s data found that the wage gap between male and female physicians was 28 percent, with male doctors earning over $116,000 more annually than their female counterparts.

2. When examining the gender wage gap by specialty, the data showed no medical specialties in which women earned the same or more than men in 2020.

It’s time to flip the switch. How do we do that? As women physicians it’s time for us to learn how to negotiate. I’ve spent my entire career as a physician negotiating contracts on behalf of myself and other physicians.  I’m sick of the gender pay gap and am coaching other women physicians to negotiate not only full time and part time contracts but also locum tenens contracts.


This coaching course is for you if you are interested in stepping into your power when it comes to negotiating your contract and deciding what you want in your life. This is for entrepreneurial minded women physicians that want to take back control of their lives by utilizing the system instead of being used by the system.

10% of all profits are donated to causes that help women with a history of sexual abuse reconnect to their bodies.

Case Studies
  1. Negotiated rate from $115/hr for outpatient family medicine to $155/hr with a locum tenens company (35% increase!)

  2. Quit low paying private Opthalmology clinic job where she felt unappreciated and was only being paid $125K base per year plus collections with a high target to a more kush academic job where the base pay start was $180K base plus high RVU’s, she negotiated it up to $230K/yr plus a lower RVU target, she is now leading a group negotiation for all of her female physician colleagues! (28% increase plus a whole lot of happiness)

  3. Full time Hospitalist that went from making $180K per year base plus very HIGH RVU target to making $230K per year, low RVU target plus opening up her ability to do locums because of less days per month of work at her primary employed hospital!  This was a job in NYC! Which is notoriously low paying! (28% increase plus time to make more money!)

  4. Negotiated from $175/hr to $200/hr for Hospitalist locum tenens work by using the negotiation skills she learned during the program! (12.5% increase)

  5. Negotiated locum tenens Hospitalist job with the SAME hospital from $160/hr to $220/hr after taking the course.

  6. Left per diem Neuro Hospitalist job, was making $150/hr, now makes $205/hr plus 1.5x overtime in the same city, transitioning from per diet to locums (27% increase ++)

  7. Left an ENT clinic where she felt unappreciated and started consulting for a start-up and doing locums.  She now gets paid over $500/hr with the consulting gig and sets her hours and makes over $300/hr in her locums gig. (More $ and More Happiness!)

“I had been contemplating stepping into the locums world but wanted to do it right. I wanted to make sure that I positioned myself in a way that I was paid my worth and was not taken advantage of by locums agencies. Coaching with Dr. Arora fulfilled on all fronts and gave me the courage to plunge into the locums world. Her coaching is well-rounded, in that it delves into the mindset changes required to step into one’s worthiness while combining all of the strategy needed to deal effectively with locums agencies. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things locums! The coaching was practical and hands-on, with real-time help in crafting emails and negotiation points. Being in her presence, you will have no choice but to “know your worth and add tax!”

—  Dr. O, Family Medicine

Work with Geeta

If you are interested in our Women Physician negotiation course, please send an email to:
Work With Geeta

Geeta Arora, M.D.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Geeta Arora is dual board certified in Internal medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She has practiced as a locum tenens hospitalist for over 10 years. In that time she has worked with 16 locums companies, 17 hospitals, 8 telemedicine companies and has negotiated over 90 contracts on behalf of physician colleagues. She is dedicated to lifting up women physicians and residents to make sure no one is saying yes to low pay. She strongly believes that if you say yes to low pay, everyone gets hurt because the system feels it is okay to pay low salaries and low hourly wages. Dr. Arora also teaches women physicians how to navigate the locum tenens world so that they too can be an entrepreneur and live the life of their choice.


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